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Square Body Instruments

Square Body Instruments

Product description

Our square telescopes and collimators are used on flat reference surfaces to align supporting surfaces to the optical axis.

Measurement capabilities

  • Measurement for 180°-reversion of square bodies with grounded surfaces
  • Parallelism of optical axis to mechanical axis < 10''
  • Eyepiece and illumination are freely interchangeable

Notes of ordering

Please note the following when ordering:

  • For square body telescope:
    • The square body telescope is equipped with an eyepiece with a focal length of 14.7 mm and a reticle (Article No. 208 125 or Article No. 208 111).
  • For square body collimator:
    • The square body collimator includes a 6V/6W bulb illumination (but without transformer/power supply) and a reticle (Article No. 208 111 or Article No. 208 125). Transformer or other illumination (LED illumination, light conductive fibre illumination) must be ordered separately.

Technical data