ELCOMAT Direct Product Line

Software ELCOdirect

Software ELCOdirect

Product description

The ELCOdirect software is already included in the scope of delivery of the ELCOMAT® direct product line. The software can automatically and simultaneously detect up to 10 cross positions and automatically determine the wedge angle or the 90° angle error of 90° prisms. Note: Executable under Windows® / The software is not suitable for the ELCOMAT® 3000/5000/Vario N/HR product line!

Configuration of the Area of Interest

The software allows flexible setting of the camera's area of interest and the measurement frequency. For example, the measuring frequency can be increased by selecting a smaller area of interest. The exposure time is automatically adjusted to the brightness of the image to ensure optimal conditions for the evaluation.

Cartesian or Polar Coordinates

The value display can be configured to display angle values, wedge angles or height differences in relation to a freely selectable base length. The values can be displayed as cartesian coordinates or polar coordinates.


Go/NoGo tolerances can be displayed for quick and easy evaluation of the measurement result.

Centration Option

With the centering option of the ELCOdirect software, the centering error of optical components to the common optical axis of the entire system or the wobble error of rotary tables etc. can be calculated.

Communication Settings

The angle measurements can be sent to another computer via the RS-232 interface. The baud rate and other communication parameters can be completely configured in the software. In addition, it is possible to transfer the measured values via the Windows clipboard to another application (e.g. ELCOWIN) on the same computer.