Interferometer VI-direct

Micro-Interferometer VI-direct

Micro-Interferometer VI-direct

Product description

The Micro-Interferometer VI-direct extends the range of flatness testing to the domain of smallest diameters. The Fizeau-type interferometer is able to measure the surface flatness of optical parts with a diameter between approx. 0.8 mm to 3.6 mm. The cost effective Micro-Interferometer VI-direct can be used for testing of optical parts like micro-prisms, laser crystals, fiber endings etc..

Technical details

  • Direct connection to PC via USB 3 port, no frame grabber required
  • Digital camera with high resolution (3088x2076 Pixel)
  • Insensitive to vibrations due to short exposure time
  • Wide range of optical and mechanical accessories
  • Usable in vertical, horizontal, or under oblique directions. This makes the instrument extreme versatile for use in customer specific applications
  • Due to its compact design the interferometers are well suitable for the integration in application specific workstations
  • Visual or optionally software-supported evaluation with INTOMATIK-S
  • Light source: fiber coupled, non-stabilized He-Ne-laser (λ=632.8 nm)

Technical data