Product description

The INTOMATIK-S software uses the static fringe evaluation method for calculating the surface shape deviation and is thus almost free of influences due to air turbulence or vibrations. However, the fringe evaluation does not achieve the same accuracy as the phase shift algorithm of the INTOMATIK-N software and also cannot automatically determine the sign of the surface shape deviation.


Art.-No. 244 272

  • Evaluation of single interferograms with open fringes according to the ISO 10110-5 standard.
  • No phase shifter required
  • In comparison to phase shifting evaluation the determination of the sign of the surface form deviation is not possible
  • Operating system Windows® 10/11
  • Large measuring area by use of the full camera resolution
  • Coordinate representation in pixel, mm or inches
  • Automatic protocol generation
  • Export of the results in "*.opd"-format or as raw data for further processing


Recording Module

  • Permanent live-interferogram display, colored overmodulation display in live-image
  • Extensive masking options
  • Histogram function
  • Save of intensity distribution as "*.bmp"-file


Evaluation Module

  • Display of the results as contour, 3D- and 2D-plot
  • Extensive manipulation options like averaging, filtering and fitting of the phase distribution