Product description

Due to the phase shifting algorithm the software INTOMATIK-N offers higher accuracy and a larger measuring range with respect to surface form deviations in comparison to the INTOMATIK-S. Additionally the sign of the surface form deviation is automatically determined.


Art.-No. 244 270

  • Evaluation of phase shifted interferograms according to ISO 10110-5 standard
  • Operating system Windows® 10/11
  • Large measuring area by use of the full camera resolution
  • Coordinate representation in pixel, mm or inches
  • Manual and automatic calibration of the phase shifting unit
  • Automatic protocol generation
  • Export of the results in "*.opd"-format or as raw data for further processing


Recording Module

  • Permanent live-interferogram display, colored overmodulation display in live-image
  • Extensive masking options
  • Histogram function
  • Display of the local phase course (phase-shifting angle, modulation, intensity)
  • Save of intensity distribution as "*.bmp"-file


Evaluation Module

  • Display of the results as contour, 3D- and 2D-plot
  • Extensive manipulation options like averaging, filtering and fitting of the phase distribution
  • Besides the measurement of flat and spherical surfaces measurements of 90°-prisms, corner cubes and homogeneity as well as absolute testing and three flat test are also included