Interferometer VI-direct 50 PUL

Interferometer VI-direct 50 PUL

Product description

The plane surface Interferometer VI-direct 50 PUL allows the fast testing of uncoated and mirror coated flat surfaces. Due to its special layout the interferogram can directly be evaluated with the optional INTOMATIK-S Software after inserting the specimen. A re-adjustment is not necessary.

Technical details

  • Direct connection to a Video-Mini-PC via USB 3 port
  • Digital camera with high resolution (3088x2076 Pixel)
  • Insensitive to vibrations due to short exposure time
  • Sample support with tilting function
  • Set of aperture stops
  • Finder mode for quick pre-alignment
  • Easy to use
  • Direct display of interferogram without re-alignment
  • Visual or optionally software-supported evaluation with INTOMATIK-S
  • Light source: fiber coupled, non-stabilized He-Ne-laser (λ=632.8 nm)

Technical data

Subject to technical changes