Fully Automatic Goniometers

Goniomat A5

Goniomat A5

Product description

The fully automatic GONIOMAT A5 based on the design of the manual GONIOMAT M product line and therefore it is just as usable, compact, portable and flexible. The GONIOMAT A5 does not require compressed air to achieve a measurement accuracy of 1.0 arc seconds. The user-friendly control is done by the proven GONIOMATIK Software. It is the cost-effective alternative to the fully automatic GONIOMAT APlus.


The GONIOMAT A5 distinguishes itself from conventional goniometers by the following features:
  • Short measuring times possible due to manual movement of the rotary table
  • Higher measuring accuracy as compared to the GONIOMAT M product line due to the drive used
  • Precision bearing and robust maintenance-free drive
  • No compressed air is needed
  • Special high precision autocollimator with a large measurement range and a digital camera
  • Three dimensional acquisition and analysis of the autocollimation images
  • Integrated optical ray-tracing analysis of the measurement data
  • Integrated laser finder for easy finding of smallest specimen surfaces

Measuring Process

  • The operator places the specimen on the measurement table
  • The operator selects the type of specimen (prism, polygon, etc.) through the software menu
  • The operator starts the automatic measurement process
  • The software acquires all surface positions by rotating the measurement table automatically
  • The software reconstructs the prism's geometry utilizing an optical raytracing analysis on the measurement data
  • The software outputs the surface angles

Measuring Set-up

The GONIOMAT A5 consists of a motorized rotary table (1) with backlash-free drive (2), easily exchangeable support tables with three-point support, an angle encoder (3), an electronic autocollimator (4) with USB connection and the GONIOMATIK software (5). The software calculates the position of the autocollimation image with the corresponding rotary table position. Precise positioning of the test specimen surfaces to the optical axis of the autocollimator is not necessary.

Scope of Delivery

The following accessories are included in the scope of delivery of the GONIOMAT A5:
  • Angle Reference
  • GONIOMATIK Software
  • Connection Cable
  • Supporting Tables H12

Technical data

Subject to technical changes