Extension for Ground Prisms

Extension for Ground Prisms

Product description

The auxiliary device for the GONIOMAT for angle measurement of prisms with fine ground surfaces. It consists of a collimator f=100 D40 and a deflection system for subsequent mounting on the granite plate of an existing GONIOMAT M5, M 10 or A5. The extension enables the measurement of ground prisms (roughness Rq = 1 .0 µm or less) with a maximum measurement uncertainty of 10 arc seconds.


Time and Cost Savings in the Production Process

The manufacture of precision optical prisms is a time-consuming process and requires appropriate manufacturing and metallurgical expertise. During the fine grinding process, it is necessary to achieve a suitable basic angular accuracy of the prism, as the material removal during polishing process is much lower than during grinding. Polishing is only a fine correction of the prism angles. If the required basic angle accuracy is not achieved during fine grinding, this will usually only become apparent after the measuring surfaces have been polished. Either there is enough material left to correct the prism to the drawing by further fine ground and polishing, or the prism has to be written off as production scrap. A simple and quick to use precision measuring device allows the angular accuracy of ground prisms to be measured prior to polishing. The use of an appropriate measuring device has great potential to save time and money in the production process. In addition, the system can help to optimise the polishing process and improve quality.

Technical data

*The achievable accuracy and measurability depends on the surface area and roughness of the test specimen. Subject to technical changes