Elcomat® Product Line



Product description

In direct comparison to its predecessor ELCOMAT® 3000, the ELCOMAT® 5000 features a 10-fold higher measuring frequency in addition to a larger measuring range and a better signal-to-noise ratio due to direct signal processing in the measuring head. In addition, internal position sensors can be used for fast and precise alignment of the measuring head and on-the-fly straightness measurement in interaction with the new 5000 display unit.

Measuring tasks

Electronic autocollimators are primarily used for the following measurement tasks:
  • Measurement of small angles
  • Ultra-precise angle adjustment and calibration
  • Quality control of machine tools and their components
  • Assembly automation
  • Angular position monitoring
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Measuring principle

Autocollimators are optical measuring instruments that can measure the smallest changes in the angular position of optical reflectors. In electronic autocollimators, the autocollimation image is detected by means of CCD lines or camera.

Measuring range and measuring distance

The measuring range of any autocollimator decreases with increasing measuring distance. The measuring accuracy of autocollimators is distance-dependent, negating environmental influences. With the autocollimators of the ELCOMAT® series, the measuring range remains constant up to a certain measuring distance and then decreases with increasing distance between the autocollimator and the mirror. The typical measuring range at different distances is listed in the technical specifications of the ELCOMAT® 5000.

* measured at a distance of 500 mm between autocollimator and mirror ** approximately values for orientation, only Subject to technical changes Included in delivery: Autocollimation sensor, display unit 5000, INCOLINK software, power supply, IR remote control, RS-232 cable, USB cable, transport and storage box.