Interferometer VI-DIRECT

Clear Aperture: 50 mm

Clear Aperture: 50 mm

Product description

The Interferometer VI-direct with clear aperture 50 mm allows the testing of optics with diameters between 12 and 50 mm. The scope of delivery includes a HeNe laser with 632.8 nm wavelength.

Technical details

  • Direct connection to PC via USB 3 port, no frame grabber required
  • Digital camera with high resolution (3088x2076 Pixel)
  • Insensitive to vibrations due to short exposure time
  • Wide range of optical and mechanical accessories
  • Usable in vertical, horizontal, or oblique directions. This makes the instrument extreme versatile for use in customer specific applications
  • Due to its compact design the interferometers are well suitable for the integration in application specific workstations
  • Visual or optionally software-supported evaluation with INTOMATIK-S or INTOMATIK-N
  • Light source: fiber coupled, stabilized or non-stabilized He-Ne-laser (λ=632.8 nm)
  • Extensive range of mechanical and optical accessories

Technical data

Subject to technical changes
Available Transmission Spheres

Available Transmission Spheres

So-called Transmission Spheres objectives are used for testing spherical surfaces. These generate a reference wave against which spherical specimens can be tested interferometrically. The Transmission Spheres objectives are available with different radii (R(Transmission Spheres)) and usable diameters (D(Transmission Spheres)). In order to measure the entire spherical surface to be tested, the following condition must be met: R/D(Transmission Spheres) ≤ R/D(test area). The following graphs and tables can be used to select the objective for the respective inspection task.