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Autocollimation Eyepieces

Autocollimation Eyepieces

Product description

The autocollimation eyepiece with illumination and eyepiece forms with an objective tube an autocollimator.

Notes of ordering

In case of order please note the following hints:

Historically, all autocollimation eyepieces are equipped with an illumination 6V/6W and an eyepiece f=14.7 mm. Today, however, autocollimation eyepieces are predominantly ordered with LED illuminators instead of the 6V/6W illumination. The 6V/6W incandescent illumination is then omitted, the LED illumination must be ordered separately. Optionally, the autocollimation eyepieces can also be supplied with the eyepieces with f=10 mm or 25 mm as well as with other illuminations. Please specify the desired reticles, illumination and eyepiece with your order.