Typ KM

Typ KM

Motorized Collimators for The Automotive Industry

Fast, precise and easy to integrate into any production line

The requirements in the area of Active Alignment of camera modules in the automotive industry are increasing. Our high-precision motorized collimators are predestined for use and improvement of manufacturing and testing times in production lines due to their modular design and high positioning accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility paired with a very high traversing speed. Intelligent addressing of the individual collimators enables collimators in an existing arrangement to be replaced in a few simple steps. Only one control module (converter) is required to control the collimators. This module is connected to a collimator, the collimators are then connected in series.

With a travel range of ±9 mm and their variability in focal lengths, the collimators can be used for almost all common camera modules and are ideal for Through Focus measurements. Collimators with different focal lengths can be combined in one production line. The SDK supplied makes it easy to integrate the control into the respective customer software. The high homogeneity of the illumination and the possibility to choose between a photopic eye filter for human vision or a white light filter with approx. 5700K for machine vision allows the use in production lines for different applications of the cameras.

The motorized collimators allow you to measure MTF/SFR, Through Focus MTF/SFR, image plane tilt angle, and camera module infinity setting.

Motorized collimators Typ KM

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Type KM

The motorized collimators of the KM product line were developed for the „Active Alignment“ of cameras for the automotive industry. The high-precision linear motion guide, modular design and simple command structure allow customers to integrate these OEM collimators into their custom measurement setups easily.

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Type KM