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Industry solutions

Customized and precise measuring systems for a wide range of applications

Welcome to our industry overview page. Here you will get an insight into the wide range of applications for our high-precision optical measurement systems. We are proud to offer industry-specific solutions that are precisely tailored to the requirements of various industries. Our measuring systems are used in quality control but also in the ongoing production process and thus support users in many industries. From mechanical engineering to the optical industry, from the automotive industry to film camera service and rental. We offer sustainable solutions that meet the specific requirements of the various industries. Immerse yourself in the world of precision and discover how we can help you solve your specific measurement task.

Mechanical engineering

Measurement systems that meet your requirements

The development, design and manufacture of machines is always in the area of conflict between economic efficiency and precision. Our products support you in the precise measurement of your machine components.

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Optical industry

Highest quality and precision for optical applications

For optics manufacturing at the highest level, we offer the appropriate measuring equipment. We have been at home in optics since 1864 and have developed into a specialist in the field of optical manufacturing.

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Automotive industry

Optimize efficiency and quality in manufacturing

We support the automotive industry in the further development of functionality and safety in the field of mobile sensor technology and driver assistance systems.

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Cinematography, TV and film

Reliable measurement technology for perfect film recordings

We offer measuring and testing equipment based on the autocollimation principle for testing film and camera lenses.

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Semiconductor industry

Innovative in-process solutions for reliable measurement

Our optical measuring devices support adjustment and alignment tasks as well as angular position monitoring in the manufacturing process.

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Calibration and research laboratories

Our contribution to excellent research results

Our products have been used for decades in institutes, universities and large research facilities for teaching and research.

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